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Heron and Crane Figurines

The herons of the world are a large and interesting family, having ancient origins stretching back to about 55 million years ago.  There are 64 recognized species in this family.  Some are called egrets or bitterns instead of herons.   Most are associated with water and are nicely adapted for preying on fish, frogs, and other small marsh critters.  The sheer abundance and variety in swampy lowlands can be staggering.  The most common species in North America are the Snowy Egret, the Great Egret, the Great White Heron and the Great Blue Heron.

An early morning or evening flight of egrets and herons in the Florida everglades or Texas coast is a memorable spectacle.  These graceful birds can enhance any home.  Order one of our beautiful heron figurines to add to your home decor today.

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