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Chicken and Rooster Suncatchers

The chicken is one of the most common and widespread domestic animals.  With a population of more than 24 billion in 2003, there are more chickens in the world than any other species of bird. Humans keep chickens primarily as a source of food, consuming both their meat and their eggs. Conventional wisdom has held that the chicken was domesticated in India, but recent evidence suggests that domestication of the chicken was already under way in Vietnam over 10,000 years ago.

A rooster, also called a cock or chanticleer, is a male chicken.  The female is called a hen.  The rooster crows at the break of dawn and will almost always start crowing before 4 weeks of age.  He is often pictured sitting on fence posts or other objects, where he crows to proclaim his territory.  This is only part of the story, as roosters can and will crow at any time of the day.  Some roosters are especially vociferous, crowing almost constantly, while others only crow a few times a day.  These differences are dependent both upon the cock's breed and individual personality.

Chickens are associated with American lore from the farm land of the Midwest to the famous San Diego mascot. The two most famous roosters are the Kellogg Corn Flakes Rooster and Foghorn Leghorn of Warner Brothers.  Chickens and roosters have been a staple of country décor for ages. Let our chicken and rooster suncatchers add a little country spice to your home décor.