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How to Select the Right Suncatcher for Your Home

Bird SuncatcherSelecting the right bird suncatcher for your home can be a lot of fun, but you'll want to consider the suitability of the suncatcher for the location. 

Size matters!  Obviously, you don't want your bird suncatcher to be larger than your window, but can it possibly be too small?  Small suncatchers can look great in group even in the largest of windows.  An odd number of bird suncatchers generally has more visual appeal than an even number.

Consider combining different shapes in your grouping.  A formal grouping typically consists of a larger central piece, perhaps even an art glass window panel, with smaller bird suncatchers symmetrically placed on each side.  Asymmetrical groupings typically lend a less formal feel to the room.

Bird suncatchers come in two basic compositions--hand-painted and tiffany-style.  All of our bird suncatchers are works of art and should be treated as such.

Hand-crafted bird suncatchers allow for intricate detail in the designs and provide unique beauty with a seemingly endless variety of designs and species. The downside is that they may fade if placed in southern exposures or other areas of direct sunlight for prolonged periods.  The combination of exceptional beauty and value mHummingbird Suncatcherakes these the most popular style of bird suncatchers we offer.

Tiffany-style bird suncatchers are created from colored pieces of glass with metal surrounding the pieces.  Due to the nature of colored glass, it will never fade, even when hung for years in direct sunshine in a southern window in the sunniest of climates.  The designs tend to be relatively simple and can be costly when compared with hand-painted suncatchers. 

Looking for the best of both worlds?  Some suncatchers are hand-painted and then kiln-fired.  These allow for detailed hand-painting yet are not as prone to fading as tradtional hand-painted suncatchers.  Kiln-fired bird suncatchers are ideal when looking for something for your porch or sun room.

Be certain to read our Proper Care of Suncatchers page to learn tips for maximizing the longevity of these stunning pieces of art.

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