Rosellas as Companions, One of the Best-Kept Secrets
The beautiful rosellas are native to Australia, New Zealand, and nearby islands.  There are six species of rosella and several of these have multiple sub-species.  They range in size from 10 to 14-1/2" in length.  In the wild, the Eastern Rosella, with an estimated population greater than a half million, is the most abundant while the protected Northern Rosella, with a dwindling population estimated below 50,000, is the least common.

In captivity, rosellas can be a charming pet.  They bring brilliant colors and plenty of activity to your home.  Although they are vocal birds, rosellas are not known for their talking ability.  Like other small cage birds, rosellas need to be handled daily and kept in an area near the activity of the family.  In captivity, rosellas typically average a lifespan of 20 years.

Rosellas eat a diet similar to other parakeets and can be fed a high quality parakeet seed.  You'll also want to feed your rosella leafy green vegetables, broccoli, apples and grapes as supplements to his diet.  For a special treat, consider offering mealworms.

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