The Colorful American Goldfinch, a Beautiful Late-Season Nester
As the trees turn brilliant reds and golds, the brilliantly-colored American Goldfinch is a perfect reflection of the season.  This tiny bird, approximately 4-5 inches long with a wingspan of 7-9 inches is a welcome sight at fall feeders.  The brilliant yellow color of the male is produced by carotenoid pigments in its diet.

Goldfinches are late-season nesters, waiting until thistle and milkweed plants have produced ample seeds and "fluff" to build their nests and feed their hungry chicks.  As the chicks mature, the young birds will enjoy seed diets found in common garden flowers, such as Zinnias and Sunflowers.  You can often find these cheerful birds hanging upside down on flowers as they liberate the seeds from the flower heads.  In the cold months, American Goldfinches enjoy berries, maple sap, tree buds, and seed provided by humans.

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