Discover The Best Bird Fathers
When most people think about baby birds, they think about mother birds building the nest and then caring for the young. Many male birds take an active role in parenthood and should be celebrated both on Father's Day and every day of the year!

Of course, it starts with the nest. For many species, the male bird's skill at nest-building is a sign of his suitability as a mate. Male European Wrens will build up to a dozen nests until they finally create one that is suitable to the hen. Locally, male American Robins are the primary nest builder.

After the female lays the eggs, the males of many bird species will bring food to the mother and her chicks. Male Bald Eagles will even help sit on the eggs, allowing the female the opportunity to stretch her wings.

The Emperor Penguin is probably the ultimate bird father. Once the female lays the egg, she quickly transfers the egg to the male and goes off in search of food. She may be gone as long as two months. The male incubates the egg on his feet, preventing it from exposure to the bitter cold temperatures of the region. The males of a colony typically huddle together to keep warm and do not eat until the females return. Instead, they focus their attention on keeping their egg safe and warm.



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