Choosing The Best Wind Chime for Your Home

When designing your garden, you want to take into consideration numerous elements including color, function, motion, and sound. Wind chimes are a perfect way to add the element of sound to your yard. Add a pretty bird design to this functional item and you’ve really enhanced your outdoor space! In addition to beauty, a good chime can help reduce stress and achieve relaxation. Wind chimes make a thoughtful gift that is suitable for any occasion.

Wind chimes can be made of a number of materials including bamboo, glass, metal, and shell. The chime portion can be flat or made into a tube. With all varieties of materials used to produce tube chimes, you’ll find that the shorter, narrower tubes produce a higher pitch than the longer, wider tubes. We’ve added sound clips to many of our selections so you can get a better idea of the sound produced by the wind chime you’re choosing for your yard.

Bamboo chimes are environmentally-friendly and produce deep, resonant, soothing tones that can’t be duplicated with man-made materials. Bamboo is a tall grass that grows in woody stalks known as canes. It is light, durable, and doesn’t require harsh chemicals for processing since it will dry naturally over time.

Glass chimes sparkle in the light and often cast rainbows of color about as the sun passes through and reflects off the pieces of glass. Due to the variety of colors available with glass chimes, most people consider them primarily for their visual beauty; however, the gentle tinkling of these glass pieces produces a soft, melodic sound that is preferred by many.

Metal chimes have a consistent sound due to the manufactured nature of the tubes. Many metal chimes are hand-tuned so that specific notes are produced as the chimes strike a central clapper.

Most shell chimes are made of Capiz shell, which is a natural material found in Indonesia. Capiz is easily dyed, so you’ll find these chimes in a variety of colors. Shell chimes have a light, almost airy, sound quality; they flutter even in the faintest of breezes.

Regardless of the style of wind chime you select, you’re sure find your garden enhanced as you relax to the music of your new chimes.

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