How to Choose a Hanging Bird Figurine to Avoid Disaster

Perhaps you’ve seen faded, cracked, or broken hanging birds in your home or that of your neighbors. Then you know that the wrong hanging figurine was selected for the location. Most hanging birds will be fine indoors, but birds in sunny areas (indoors or out) can be prone to fading. The following is a hanging bird selection problem-and-solution guide based on figurine composition.

Resin or plastic – Many of the resin figurines on the market today have paints that run when wet or fade when exposed to sun. Other birds are not stable on their rings and may fly off their perches when high winds occur.

Wood – In addition to fading in the sun, with time and exposure to moisture (even high humidity), wood can crack and eventually break. Wooden birds should be sealed annually. Most wood birds come affixed to their perches, so windy conditions should not be as much of a concern. 

Ceramic – Fading and breakage are the biggest concerns with these birds in rings. Broken ceramic is a potential safety hazard, so extreme caution to select the right hardware is critical for hanging ceramic birds outdoors. Since even light breezes can cause birds to move (that’s part of the joy), to prevent damage to the birds and your property, ceramic birds should not be located near upright wood or metal posts, the side of your house or screen areas.

Solutions, which can be purchased from most hardware stores:

Fading can be fixed by spraying the bird with a couple coats of UV protectant.

Paint run off from wet conditions can be fixed by spraying the bird with a Polyurethane coating. 

Fly-away birds can be prevented by taking the birds down prior to the windy periods. Birds can be glued to their perches. The use of eyelets, D-ring hangers, Q hangers, or safety cup hooks coupled with split key rings, carabiners, or even quick links (from large bird toys) will keep most hanging birds in the air.

Now that you know how to hang them properly, be sure to check out our exciting selection of hanging bird figurines!

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