How to Keep Your Sweet Cockatoo Happy

Remember the day when you brought home that cute, cuddly little cockatoo?  His big, dark eyes peered up at you as he snuggled tightly to your chest.  Your heart instantly melted.  As he grew, your cockatoo became inquisitive and adventurous.  Few people today enjoy the freedom to take their bird to work (it helps if you own the company!), so if you're like most, you have to satisfy that curiosity while you are away for hours each day.

Foraging toys are a great solution and, since many require learning a certain set of skills, satisfy the little mechanic you have safely caged while you are gone.  Some require that your cockatoo turn a key (or two), spin some rings, or (the latest we introduced to Lely) to spin and lift a ring.  It may take a day or two for your bird to learn the solution and get the treat, but the heavy duty plastic toys are great entertainment and provide both mental stimulation and treats.  Lely also likes pinatas since we can hide anything inside, from Shredders to dried veggies to nuts.  Other "toys" may require supervision--such as allowing your bird to join you at the computer--or turn your cockatoo black with the ink from the yellow pages.

It is also important that you spend the same amount of time cuddling your cockatoo that you did when you first brought him home.  Too often, people spend hours a day with their cockatoo during the first months and then cease to find time to play together as the bird ages.

I may have to replace my keyboard with alarming frequency and don't have a ballpoint pen that still contains the ink, but after over 20 years, Lely is still happy and in perfect feather.

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