Unique and Fun Phonetic Alphabet for Aviculturists
Last night, my husband and I were watching 'Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot' and I thought it would be fun to do the same thing using species names of our companion birds. Of course, this isn't a true phonetic alphabet and hasn't been tested anywhere other than on my computer, but here goes... 

A - Amazon 
B - Budgie 
C - Canary 
D - Ducorp's (Cockatoo) 
E - Eclectus 
F - Finch 
G - Galah 
H - Hawk (-Headed Parrot) 
I - Iris (Lorikeet) 
J - Jardine's 
K - Kea 
L - Lory 
M - Macaw 
N - Nanday 
O - Ornate (Lorikeet) 
P - Parakeet 
Q - Quaker 
R - Rosella 
S - Scarlet (Macaw) 
T - Toucan 
U - Umbrella (Cockatoo)
V - Vasa (Parrot) 
W - Whydah (Finch) 
X - Xanthops (part of the scientific name for both the Yellow-Faced Amazon and the Yellow-Faced Parrotlet) 
Y - Yellow (Rosella) 
Z - Zebra (Finch)

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