How to Choose the Best Bird Feeder for Your Yard
When you first hear the words "bird feeder", the image of a hanging rectangular box with a small platform and perch probably comes to mind.  As with interior decorating, there are many more styles of feeders available.

Are you a traditionalist?  One who has designed the exterior of their home to incorporate bird feeders that can be viewed from the windows?  Then the hanging feeder is probably best for you.  Traditional styles include rectangular designs and gazebo-styles.  Our hanging feeders also work well for filling the void left by your summer hanging baskets.

Are squirrels stealing the food you put out for the birds?  Many feeders have been designed so that the weight of the squirrels causes the seed openings to be closed off, thus preventing the squirrels from accessing the feed.  Other feeders are designed to be mounted on a stake or pillar, making it difficult if not impossible for a squirrel to reach.

Does your garden have a fence or wall that needs a little spice?  Consider a wall-mounted feeder that will be decorative as well as functional.

Perhaps you have an old tree stump that you think would be the ideal place for birds to gather.  We offer table feeders in many unique styles from which to select.

Does your garden reflect a specific theme?  From angels to country and everything in between, theme feeders are available in your choice of styles--from free-standing to hanging.

Regardless of your choice of feeders, you need to remember that the birds you start feeding this fall will be dependent upon you for survival through the cold winter.  Once you commit to care for these wonderful creatures, please continue until natural food is available or your winter flock has migrated north for the summer breeding season.

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