Does Your Garden Reflect Your Unique Personality?

By now, no doubt, you've selected flowers, trees, and shrubs for your garden. It looks good and will continue to improve in the coming months as each plant grows and comes into full bloom. But is it impersonal or can everyone tell that it is your home? To make your garden something that is truely yours, you should consider a number of factors including theme (birds!), color, motion, light, and sound.

Flags, windsocks, and spinners add motion that will excite the eye. Flags are a great addition to any outdoor decor since they can be easily changed for various holidays, seasons, and to reflect special events, parties, or 'just because'! When shopping for a flag, you'll want to consider brands that offer fade-resistance or other UV protection. Is there applique work or topstitching to enhance the beauty? Better quality house flags also offer leather tabs inside the pole sleeves to prevent the flags from bunching on the poles. Flags are a fantastic way to express your personality and enhance the garden's beauty simultaneously.

To capture the best elements inside your home, you use lighting and reflection. Why then, do we often forget to repeat them outdoors as well? Today's outdoor lighting options include solar lamps for placement far from electrical outlets. Also consider gazing balls and reflecting pools to multiply the beauty you've created.

Although we all think of the visual beauty of a garden, the best gardens also contain an element of sound. This could be from a water feature, such as a fountain, or the gentle sound of windchimes that stir with a passing breeze. The sound could also be from the beautiful birds that frequent your feeders and bird houses.

Finally, don't be afraid of the tried and true, such as pink flamingos. They became popular for a reason!

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