Fun and Exciting Phonetic Alphabet for Ornithologists
Last week, I created a phonetic alphabet for those with companion birds; this week it is for those of us who are interested in the birds outside their home. Of course, this isn't a true phonetic alphabet and hasn't been tested anywhere other than on my computer, but here goes...

A - Avocet
B - Bluebird
C - Cardinal
D - Dunlin
E - Eagle
F - Flycatcher
G - Gull
H - Heron
I - Ibis
J - Jay
K - Kite
L - Loon
M - Merlin
N - Nighthawk
O - Osprey
P - Phoebe
Q - Quail
R - Robin
S - Swan
T - Titmouse
U - Upland Sandpiper
V - Vulture
W - Warbler
X - Xantu's Hummingbird
Y - Yellowlegs
Z - Zone-Tailed Hawk

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